The ZeroNoise Pit-Link Communication / Trainer System has been designed and constructed to be the perfect communication tool for pit to car communications and is also perfectly suited for karting. A noise cancelling micro amplifier that connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth enables you to communicate back in the pits. Fixed onto your suit with a Velcro patch or to the side of your helmet, or alternatively can be worn around your neck on a lanyard and kept inside your suit. The micro amplifier connects to the included ZeroNoise Pit-Link Trainer Microphone Kit via a USB C connector. Communication is automatically on when the phone call is coming through so there is no need to press anything. The person in the pits will need a smartphone** and the Pit-Link headset to talk to the driver. The headset has a push to talk button and provides high hearing protection while being lightweight and comfortable. The high efficient speakers are ideal for voice frequencies, A noise cancelling microphone is attached to a flexible boom for optimum positioning and external noise reduction. Super fast Bluetooth connection Provides reliable pit to kart communication without radios Includes micro amplifier, helmet microphone kit, earplug kit and Pro Headset to suit eith iPhone or Android Independent volume control Dynamic noise cancelling microphone with spacers to set the correct distance from the mouth for optimum performance Long life rechargeable internal battery Kit includes: For the driver - Noise cancelling micro amplifier, helmet microphone kit, in ear speaker kit. For the pit crew / trainer - Pro headset with push to talk button and wired phone connection. USB to USB-C charging cable. ** The Pit headset connects to a smart phone via 3.5mm jack with an adaptor (included) to suit iPhone or Android phones, please select appropriate device from the drop down menu. Contact us for shipping.