Scotty's Motorsport Services take the stress away by making sure your race car is in top condition and ready to hit the circuit, so that you don't have to! 

We have the skills and experience to ensure everything is functioning correctly. Our work is complete to the highest standard, with no corners cut in the process, no matter the timeframe. 

We offer this service with the ability to prepare your vehicle for a particular event OR we can store and maintain your vehicle over the course of a season

Vehicle preparation includes; 

  • Inspection of: 
    • Engine and Transmission 
    • Braking Systems 
    • Fluids 
    • Wheels & Tyres 
  • Oil and Filter Servicing 
  • Suspension Setups and Alignments
  • Setup Tracking 
  • Safety Inspections 
  • Regulatory Requirements - Schedule and Series Requirements 
  • Noting of all work prior to facilitating